Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss and Stay Active

Cardiovascular exercise commonly known as cardio is an aerobics exercise. Cardio helps in bringing up the heartbeat, blood rushes faster, breathing gets rapid, and eventually, the lungs and heart work equally fast. The best thing about cardio is that it helps with weight loss and improves sleeping patterns. Another important thing is to reduce the reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. In short, you are passing your heart through a straining test to ensure its health. Most instructors recommend cardio exercises because they help in reducing the risk of disease and they have so many different physical and health benefits. Apart from the health benefits, cardio exercises have so many different variations. Even if you keep switching cardio exercises after every week, you will never get bored. Most instructors offer a customized workout plan that consists of various cardiovascular exercises. Each exercise has its benefits and it focuses on a specific group of muscles.

For beginners who are not familiar with the benefits of cardiovascular exercises, their types, and the formulation of the workout plan, we have explained everything in detail. With the help of this article, you will be able to choose the best cardio exercises based on the time, available equipment, and the choice of workout.

The benefit of Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises have so many different benefits. Some of the benefits are connected to physical health whereas some are linked with mental health. No matter what kind of cardio exercises you choose, it helps you engage the whole body. Some of the benefits that most instructors will help you understand include:

  • Cardio is great for relieving mental stress and helps with depression.
  • Cardio helps with weight loss and shedding fat
  • Cardio reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Cardio helps in maintaining cholesterol levels and blood sugar level
  • Cardio also helps in toning the body and making the body more muscular.

Cardio That Requires No Equipment

People usually fear cardio because they think it is very challenging and you need to have some kind of equipment or gym membership. This is a misconception because you will soon figure out that online and virtual gym spaces are rowing. You will find a lot of online exercise classes along with blogs and videos that you can follow.


Zumba is a great way to let out your stress and anger. If you have a knack for music, you will instantly fall in love with Zumba. If you are not very skilled, you can join any class or follow a Zumba exercise video online. No matter what you choose, make sure you follow it consistently and within a few days, you will start to notice the progress.


Yoga is another great exercise but unless you don’t increase the pace, it never becomes a cardio exercise. Most people think that yoga is just something that you need for delivering your stress and staying calm. However, there are so many yoga poses that will help you increase your heartbeat. If you move your yoga mat outside in your garden, your body will benefit more from it. You will not only breathe in the fresh air, but you will also be able to enjoy your time. Overall, the best thing that you can do for yourself and your body is to try yoga because it has so many other benefits. For yoga, you need good sportswear and some technique. There is no need for any equipment.


Dance is very fun cardio that most people underestimate. According to a study, just a 15-minute dance session is enough to help you burn around 250 to 300 calories. However, the selection of dance is very important. You can simply follow an online video choreography if your body is not very good at picking the beat. For the dance you don’t need too much technique, all you need is good music, some good moves, and a knack for the beat. Apart from this, if you are not very good at dancing, you can place a mirror in front of you and you will see improvement.

Easy Cardio Exercises That Will Cheer You Up

There are so many different kinds of cardio exercises that will help you get out of your zone. According to the behavioral school of thought, mental health improves when you engage in healthy activities. This is the reason people with stress or depression are recommended to start their day with some healthy activity. Most of the exercises are very boring and due to the monotonous style people usually lose motivation and quit exercise. Some of the best cardio exercises that might require a few types of equipment but they can lift your mood instantly. These exercises are not only good for mental health but they can boost your creativity as well. For kids who are in school or people who have creative jobs, these cardio exercises will help a lot.



Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises. It engages the whole body and you will see a significant difference in your weight within a few weeks. Apart from this, you will be able to learn new skills and you will take showers daily as well. One of the biggest issues is that swimming requires a proper swimming pool and if you don’t have a swimming pool you will need a gym membership where the pool is available. In short, your swimming will depend on the availability and access to a pool.


Cycling is a great exercise especially if you go bike riding in the morning. While cycling you will be able to breathe fresh air and it is a great exercise not only for your legs but for the whole body. Overall, cycling is one of the most effective exercises, however, you need a cycle and a proper area where you can ride your bike. With the growing concrete jungle, vertical living places are becoming more common. It gets very difficult to find a parking space just for the bike. Apart from this, you cannot bring your bike up with you to your apartment and in most cities, cycling becomes a challenge because of the traffic.


Gardening is great cardio for people who have arthritis. You will not only feel a significant difference in your overall health, but you will also feel that you are losing weight. Lawn mowing is great cardio, you will not only complete your work but you will also improve your health. For people who have joint pain and feel that jogging is too much for them, gardening can be a very good alternative. You are not only improving your physical health but also improving the environment.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is another very good yet fun cardio exercise. You just need a skipping rope. A skipping rope is very easily available in sports-based shops and these ropes are very economical. Just a session of 10 minutes is enough for you and you will eventually feel improvement in your health, stamina, and endurance.


One of the most common issues is that we don’t accept “fun” and “adult” in the same sentence. When it comes to trampoline everyone keeps thinking about a kid game but the trampoline is very fun cardio. You can involve your family or you can enjoy it alone. The best thing is that you don’t need sportswear or any other equipment. You can enjoy yourself without any investment. No matter what you choose, consistency is the key to progress.

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