How High Chandeliers and Pendant Lights Should Be Installed?

Chandeliers and hanging pendants are the most elegant way to bring the warmth of light and the grace of distinctive styles into your house. However, if you wonder how high chandeliers and pendant lights should be installed, continue reading to the end of this article.

The height of your hanging light will depend on the ceiling height and where you want it to be installed in your home. Professional interior designers often suggest leaving 7 feet of space from the light source to the flooring.

Well, this is just a head start. There are more factors to consider before fixing the hanging pendant lights in your room.

Factors to Consider Before Installing or Purchasing a Chandelier or Pendant:

While looking for the perfect hanging light, you need to focus on the design you want to buy, but you may also have to do some math. Don’t think of the complicated equations, though!

First, you need to purchase a chandelier or a pendant that is neither too big nor too small for the room. If you want a list of facts to consider before buying a light, keep in mind the following factors:

  • The brightness you want from the light
  • The length of the chandelier or pendant
  • Placement or where you want to hang it
  • Location of electric source
  • The height of your ceiling.

So, do the math of how high your ceiling is from the floor. And get an approximate idea of the length of the light.

Now let’s talk about numbers.

Height of the Chandelier above the Surface:

The building structure and interior design have evolved tremendously during the last few decades. Traditionally, the 8-foot ceiling was considered the standard height. In recent years, homeowners have also preferred 9 or 10-foot height ceilings.

Hanging your new light fixture at the proper height is critical for getting the optimal amount of light in a particular room while also looking excellent. This helpful guide has been put together to aid you in determining the drop heights of pendants and chandeliers.

Before choosing a light fixture for your room, measure the height of your ceiling. This will assist you in determining which institutions will work best in your space.

Now, if you are hanging the chandelier above a surface, such as a dining table, kitchen counter, or bed, you should consider the surface.

For a starting point, follow the chart mentioned below:

  • For ceiling with 10-foot height: 40 – 44’’ gap between the end of the chandelier and the surface
  • For ceiling with 9-foot height: 36 – 40’’ gap between the end of the chandelier and the surface
  • For ceiling with 8-foot height: 32 – 36’’ gap between the end of the chandelier and the surface

Chandelier or Pendant Height Based on Placement:

Alright, hope you have calculated the length of your chandelier and have already proceeded to the next step – purchasing one!

And it is time to hang the beautiful light fixture in your favorite. To help you with that, we have provided some measurement ideas below. You can start trying to install the light and fix it depending on your preference.

Above the Dining Table:

As mentioned above, you should place your hanging pendant light at about 30-36 inches above the table for an 8-foot ceiling. And if your roof is higher than 8 feet, add 3 inches more in the line for every 1 foot.

The idea is to keep the light source 3.5 feet from the table and 6.5 feet from the floor. Remember, you can always make changes, but try to keep the light close enough to see the food you are eating comfortably.

Over Island/ Bar/ Kitchen Countertop:

The beautiful hanging pendant lights are a beautiful addition to their Kitchen countertop or similar bar space in the most modern home.

It will be best if your lights are hung at 30 to 36’’ above the bar. It will be low enough to help you comfortably see what you are making.

Some people get confused about the measurement and hang the pendant too low. What that does is hurt your eyes and look like a barrier hanging between two people while talking!

We assume you do not wish for electric lines or bright lights when you look at the other person while talking.

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Living Room/ Bedroom:

Consider the standard measurements above and fix the light seven feet above if you are hanging it directly over a bed. And when you are imagining it hanging over the nightstand, leave the airspace of about 28 to 32 inches.

This way, you can display any décor item or books on the nightstand, and with the fixture, the décor will be in a foal spot of the room.

For a living room, you can try installing the light in the middle of the space above the sitting place or at the side of the fireplace.


For a two-story building, fixing the light in the foyer is relatively easy. It would look best if you hung it in line with the second story. And depending on the length of the chandelier, you can install it lower or higher than the standard height.

The standard height is 7 feet from the floor for a 9 to 12 feet ceiling.


Hopefully, this article helped you understand the easy yet confusing measurements on how high chandeliers and pendent lights should be installed.

Remember that in the high foot traffic areas, such as the hallway, kitchen, or bar, you have no other choice but to hang the light high enough so that it doesn’t hurt anyone.

With so many décor considerations, it’s easy to lose sight of why you bought a chandelier in the first place: to illuminate the table. Because each lamp is unique, there is no everyday industrial or decorating norm for this. Many factors influence how light is cast onto the table, including the fixture’s design, the light bulbs you use, and the fixture’s height.

Each person’s personal preference, interior desire, and light exposure requirements will differ. Because pendants and chandeliers come in various sizes and types, it isn’t easy to give specific instructions on how to correctly mount your new light fixture.

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