Cold-Pressed Juice: Hyped or Health Hero?

Good or bad, Cold-pressed juices are the talk of the town for a long time. This trend has got attention especially after the outbreak of coronavirus because people have become health conscious more than ever. Now they want to know the ingredients and the process of the food or beverages they consume to stay safe and away from any illness or virus.

Juices in general have always been the go-to-drink that everyone enjoys, and when it’s natural, tasty, and unsweetened, it is definitely loved by all. Juices free from additives are a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which are extremely important to accelerate the growth of the body while boosting gut health to effectively fight off any virus or infections.

Here are some of the many benefits that drinking chemical-free juices regularly offers your body:

  • It helps to maintain the electrolyte balance of the body thus keep us hydrated, which is crucial for the healthy functioning of our body
  • Drinking immunity-boosting juices is the simplest way to naturally improve gut-health and reduce the risk of getting sick
  • It helps to increase the intake of vegetables that we don’t eat otherwise. If your kid is a fussy eater, this is something you must try to incorporate nutritious veggies especially greens in their diet in a tastier yet healthier way
  • Drinking vitamin C-enriched juices like a glass of beetroot, mandarin, pomegranate, aloe vera, ginger help to give natural glow to the skin
  • It is one of the best ways to satisfy sweet cravings and keep the stomach full for a longer period thus curbing hunger and aids in weight management
  • Juices give a boost of energy that you need to keep going throughout the day
  • Juices can uplift mood levels and helps to increase focus & productivity at work

There are incredibly good reasons to drink homemade or chemical-free juices, and when it’s natural and comes in the form of cold-pressed the benefits get twofold. Cold-pressed juice bottles can be found everywhere whether in the nearby grocery store or online, chances are you must have seen the juices here or there.

Now, let’s come to the point. Are Cold-pressed juices just hyped or health hero? As a matter of fact, there are many aspects to it. For this reason, we will like to contribute to this heating debate!

Through this article, we will let you know the reasons which will help you to decide whether cold-pressed should be a part of your regular diet or not. But before getting straight into the article, let’s first understand what cold-pressed juice is. Keep reading!

What Is Cold-Pressed Juice?

Berry Mix

Cold-pressed juices are the best alternative to easily consume fresh fruits and vegetables and get the maximum health advantages. We have listed below some important things you must know in order to understand cold-pressed juice and what makes them superior to centrifugal juices:

  • Cold-pressed juice involves the use of machines that take out the juice without generating any heat or noise. These machines also take more time in juice production when compared to centrifugal juicing.
  • The cold-pressed technique is gentle. First, it takes out the pulp without any abrupt cutting or grinding, and then this pulp is pressed with hydraulic pressure of up to 2000pounds to take out every drop of juice.
  • The gentle process does not let oxidation begin, and thus keeps the natural fruit enzymes alive and intact.
  • Cold-pressed juice machines operate on low RPM (revolutions per minute) and can penetrate deep within the produce to take out every bit of nutrition from fruits, leafy vegetables and herbs as well. Apart from fresh produce, the cold-pressed process is also very effective with dry fruits.
  • The cold-pressed process traps absolutely no air during the process, leading to 100% pure fruit or vegetable produce
  • Cold-pressed juice is rich in dietary fiber, essential nutrients and natural enzymes.

Now that you understand why cold-pressed juice is better than normal juice, it is very important to note that not every cold-pressed juice is healthy as they claim it to be. Since there are too many brands available in the market, it can get challenging to pick out the best one.

So, to help you out, we have carved below some clever tips which can help you to choose the best cold-pressed juice brand out there and leave no room for picking the unhealthier one.

  • Quality of Produce

It’s very important to know how the brand sources fruits and veggies which go in for juicing. It is one of the best tips to check whether the brand is authentic or not thus make the buying decision. The majority of reliable brands mention their sourcing process clearly on their website or social media channels. If not, you are always open to seeking information from the brand itself before investing. FSSAI accredited laboratories are used to ensure the supreme quality of fruits and vegetables. As a consumer, you can also request this information to check the files of chemically tested produce before buying the products.

  • Source of Sweetness In Cold-pressed Juice

Although fruits and vegetables of good quality are naturally sweet in nature. However, some other factors like using natural sweeteners- honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, and the usage of artificial sweeteners can enhance the taste. Always choose a brand that is either naturally sweetened or with other healthier alternatives listed above.

  • Shelf-Life

 This is yet another important factor that plays an important role when it comes to choosing a cold-pressed juice brand. Generally, cold-pressed juice brands use the HPP (High-Pressure Processing) technique that increases the shelf life of juices; however, it degrades the quality and makes it less nutritious

If you come through any brand having a shorter shelf-life like this pure cold-pressed brand called OMJOOS, don’t consider it a downside. The reason the shelf life is shorter is that these juices don’t undergo HPP therefore they can retain more health value and nutrition. We all know that natural juices can’t be stored for a long period, even when stored in the refrigerator at recommended temperature. 

  • Hygiene & Safety Standards

 A healthy cold-pressed juice brand always adheres to all safety and hygiene precautions from sourcing, preparing and to delivering. It’s not just the quality that matters but also how hygienically the juice is being prepared. Maintaining safety and hygiene has become paramount after the pandemic scare. For this reason, the surrounding in which the juice is pressed, the utensils, packaging and all the way to point of delivery play a major role. So, choose a brand that strictly follows hygiene and safety standards. 

  • Variety Of Juice Flavours 

Juice variants serve different purposes. There are juices for immunity-boosting juices, energy boosting, detoxifying, enhancing skin health, and many more. It is important to consume different juices rather just sticking to one to get the maximum benefits required for fulfilling our health goals. Makes sense to choose a cold-pressed juice brand that has a variety of juice options. 

  • Online Reviews

 Reviews of the customer on social media give you a clear idea of the brand and its products before purchasing it. Just like we ask our friends and family for recommendations, customer reviews on websites, social media pages, Google reviews etc. is another clever way to select the perfect cold-pressed juice brand and make a smart buying decision. 

  • Delivery

 In the daily hustle-bustle of life, we don’t get enough time to juice at home or drop by a store for picking up juice regularly. Considering this, it is a smart decision to pick a cold-pressed juice brand that is open for delivery to your location – either home or workplace – so that you can sit back, relax, and take in the maximum benefits of the juices in your own space. Quick seamless delivery should always be on your priority list while buying juices.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it totally depends on the brand you’re investing in. If you’re choosing a reliable brand that includes the things that we have shared above, sure it will keep you fit and healthy in the long run while providing you with the important nutrients that you are lacking in your diet otherwise. We hope now you will have a better idea to choose a cold-pressed juice brand that stands out in the market and how it can turn out to be a super-hero of your life!