Enhance Your Profits With Powerful DME Billing

It is becoming increasingly difficult to bring employees on board in 2022. Rising salaries, and high-cost employee turnover is destroying budgets across industries. Reducing upfront expenses remains one of the major challenges.

  • Automation is the order of the day eliminating the need of ink, paper and other office filing items which are needed to manage mailings and physical documents.
  • Sleep therapy equipments always relied on multiple employees completing difficult tasks to get the order out of the door.

The tight market with labor shortage is aggravating the challenge for all DME suppliers. At the end of the day, what you want is someone that can quicken your reimbursement process and reduce your overall expenses once and for all. A trained team in DME billing can resolve a lot of challenges for you at these difficult times. It can boost your collections in best proportions.

Sunknowledge: Your trusted DME billing partner

Sunknowledge has the perfect answer for your DME billing needs. At present, the largest DME Suppliers trust our ability to deliver actionable support. We are currently working with some of the best in the DME business. We are unique as a DME billing company as we :

  • We do it all with the heavy lifting work in the front end
  • Checking eligibilities, getting the authorization on time , creating sales orders
  • Doing doctor’s office follow up and all till the delivery of the equipment
  • We promise to reduce your operational costs by 80%
  • A full service approach with effective support in post billing
  • Robust team handling your denials, A/R collections

We have mastered it all with DME billing. Know more on how we offer you unmatched standards of support. Schedule a call with a “ Sunknowledge expert” now. We are your ultimate RCM destination. Our team will love to share our ideas of a promising business partnership with you on how we cater niche support and customize our approach as per your protocols and best practices. Get to know what makes us pioneers in the world of DME billing.

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