How LinkedIn Helps To Grow your Small Business In 2022

An incorrect marketing strategy for the small businesses’ growth can be a curse if the strategies run on lean margins against ambitious growth goals. A small business cannot afford to invest its limited resources, time, and efforts to feed its budgets into futile marketing channels or chase the wrong target audience. 

But, with LinkedIn, the above issues are resolved because the platform makes it easier for small enterprises to grow and network by creating an environment where they will meet people who are ready to do business. In addition, LinkedIn is undoubtedly a great social platform for professionals eager to engage with other professionals and content that are apposite to their careers and jobs.

All small businesses must focus on LinkedIn because it’s a fabulous place to increase brand awareness and form a loyal customer base. Of the total companies registered on LinkedIn, over 99% are classified as small and medium-sized businesses, with LinkedIn’s vibrant community consisting of more than 10 million small business entrepreneurs and owners.

Therefore, if LinkedIn is so advantageous for small businesses, let us check some of the platform’s highly used tools and features to help small enterprises grow manifolds.

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

If you are someone who hasn’t used LinkedIn previously, let me tell you that LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers and professionals. Yes, it’s true that it nurtures professionals to grow their careers and network. However, you can use it for proliferating your business as well.

So what is LinkedIn Marketing? Well, it’s a social media tool to increase the likelihood of exposing your business to millions of connections that you can use for building relationships with individuals and other companies.

The core service that LinkedIn provides is all about professional connections, industry discussions, career development, and business-related activities. You will find employees, partners, and customers alike on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Tools And Features That Can Help Small Businesses Grow Exponentially

If growing your business on LinkedIn is your next target then make sure you are taking advantage of these powerful features and tools. Starting from growing your network, scaling your business, nurturing leads, or driving valuable traffic, LinkedIn can be a super useful tool for your business.

Below, I have highlighted how you can use some of LinkedIn’s features to expand your business within your network and beyond your network as well.

  • What’s The Importance Of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

Unlike other social media marketing tools, LinkedIn is less about selling or marketing your services and products. It frowns upon spamming, hard-selling, and pushing your business vaguely. If used appropriately, it can be a super efficacious marketing tool to help your business go to the next level.

1. Show Yourself as “Open For Business” to Others on LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn has merged the dynamic and fast-moving “word-of-mouth” feature with its “open for business” feature. With the platform’s “open for business” option active, you show other members that your business is actively offering services or products, which turns your business profile into a friendly type of digital billboard.

Suppose you keep LinkedIn’s “open for business” feature always active. In that case, you make your business more discoverable on the platform for members who are constantly looking for specific services or skills that your company offers. From this point, your small business would start buzzing in the market.   

2. Emphasize Your Business Specific Goals and Objectives: 

Small businesses have unique challenges and relative advantages over established, multifaceted, and big organizations. 

One of the prominent features of small businesses is that they are apparent and focused on what they are doing. Small businesses are crystal clear in their minds about what they need to accomplish, which they do in lockstep.

Through LinkedIn’s objective-based advertising, you can achieve your specific business objectives based on your company’s needs to grow. LinkedIn also has a natural and straightforward streamlined campaign and reporting tools, for which you do not require a big team to manage them. 

At LinkedIn, you will face no trouble identifying the right metrics and formats to match if you want to generate leads, increase brand awareness, or convert prospects into sales. 

3. Create a Community Through Live Events and Streams: 

Communities of influencers, brand advocates, and customers play a great role in popularizing young brands and are also significant to sustained long-term growth. Through live-streamed broadcasts and virtual events, small businesses can nurture their new brand communities where people come together and interact and share their experiences.

Since technology has advanced so much that from work to studies, everything is now possible online. So, there is no doubt that planning and executing a virtual event for small businesses is more accessible, comfortable, and scalable than organizing a physical event.

4. Grow Your Business LinkedIn Page: 

Growth in your business’s LinkedIn Page following is exceptionally vital because the page helps you to develop that all-essential brand community. And, at the same, it also increases the number of members and gets Instagram followers, which is possible with LinkedIn’s organic marketing activities.

For the last few years, LinkedIn has been continuously adding new ways to attract more Page followers for the growth of the organizations. For instance:

  • Adding to your website, a LinkedIn Page follow button.
  • With your LinkedIn Page, link to Community Hashtags.
  • Invite the first-degree connections to follow your Page.
  • Use LinkedIn Stories and videos to show what your small business is all about and gain visibility.

5. Infuse Life in Your Business Story: 

A significant inconsistency has been found between growing the professional and personal brands in entrepreneurs and founders. However, LinkedIn members can relax because the platform offers several ways to infuse life into their business stories. These ways function as cover stories and creator mode.    

To Conclude

The above five LinkedIn power-packed features and tools can create significant impact and post-performance Hootsuite for small business owners and marketers. There’s no time to waste if you want to take full advantage of a massive platform like LinkedIn, which has more than our expectations to offer to small businesses. Now, it’s your turn to make a move and make use of the great tools that LinkedIn has to offer.   

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