[Solved] how many apps fail

As an iPhone owner, there can be few things more frustrating than discovering that one of your apps has inexplicably disappeared from your home screen. While it can be tempting to immediately assume the worst, the reality is that there can be a range of reasons why an app may not be showing up on your iPhone.

Possible reasons

One of the most common reasons an app may not be showing on your iPhone is that it has been accidentally deleted. This may happen if you are trying to clear space on your phone, or if you accidentally hit the delete button instead of the app’s icon.

Another potential cause of a missing app is that it may have been hidden from view. This is sometimes done intentionally by users looking to declutter their home screen, or it may have happened accidentally if the app has been moved to a different page or folder.

Finally, it is possible that an app may not be showing on your iPhone because it has become glitchy or incompatible with your device. This can sometimes happen after a software update, or if the developer has not kept the app up to date with the latest iOS version.


If you are experiencing a missing app on your iPhone, the good news is that there are several solutions you can try. If you suspect that the app has been accidentally deleted, you can check your iPhone’s app library or the App Store to see if you can download it again.

If the app has been hidden from your home screen, you can try searching for it using the iPhone’s search bar, or you can check different pages and folders to see if it has been inadvertently moved.

Finally, if the app is glitchy or incompatible with your device, you may need to troubleshoot the issue by checking for any available software updates, or you may need to contact the app developer for support.


While it can be frustrating to discover a missing app on your iPhone, there are several potential reasons why this may happen. By understanding the possible causes and trying out some of the suggested solutions, you can hopefully get your app back on your home screen and back to normal functioning.

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