[Solved] peacock app not working samsung tv

Peacock app not working on Samsung TV has become a common problem for the users. As one of the popular streaming platforms, Peacock offers users access to various movies, TV shows, and sports content. However, the users may face difficulties while using the app on Samsung TVs. This problem can be frustrating for the viewers, especially if they have downloaded the app to enjoy their favorite content. In this article, we will look at some of the possible reasons behind the issue and provide a solution to help you get back to enjoying your Peacock functions.

Possible Reasons:

There can be several reasons why the Peacock app may not work on your Samsung TV. Some of the possible reasons for this problem are as follows:

1) Incompatible TV Model – Peacock app may not work on some Samsung models that are not compatible with the app.

2) Outdated Firmware – If your TV’s firmware is outdated, it may cause issues while downloading or using the app.

3) Internet Connection – Weak or poor internet connectivity can also prevent the Peacock app from functioning correctly.

4) Technical Glitches – Technical bugs or glitches in the app can lead to abnormalities.


If you are facing problems with the Peacock app on your Samsung TV, the following solutions may help:

1) Check Compatibility – Ensure that your Samsung TV model is compatible with the Peacock app. If not, consider upgrading to a compatible device.

2) Update Firmware – Make sure that you have the latest firmware update on your Samsung TV. This ensures that the TV’s software is up-to-date to support the new apps features.

3) Check Internet Connection – Ensure your internet connection is stable and strong enough to stream the app.

4) Restart device – Restart your Samsung TV to resolve any technical glitches.

5) Reinstall the App – Try to reinstall the Peacock app. This will clear any existing bugs or glitches and provide you with a clean slate for streaming.


In conclusion, encountering issues with the Peacock app while using a Samsung TV can be frustrating. However, by following the solutions mentioned above, you can quickly identify and resolve the problem. The Peacock app provides access to a wide range of movies, TV shows, and sports. Therefore, we hope this article helps you get back to streaming your favorite shows on the Peacock app.

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