[Solved] app admin not working ios 9.3.5

The App Store is an essential feature on iOS devices that allows users to download and install various applications. However, for iOS 9.3.5 users, there are times that the App Store becomes unresponsive or does not work, and it can be a frustrating experience since many apps are only available through the App Store.

Possible Reasons:
There are numerous causes why the App Store may not be working on iOS 9.3.5. Here are some of them:

1. Outdated Software: The outdated iOS may have issues in running the App Store.

2. Connection problems: Poor network connection or connection issues with the App Store servers can cause it not to work.

3. Restriction Settings: Another possible cause of this issue is the restriction settings on the device, which could prevent the installation of apps.

4. Glitches and bugs: There could also be glitches and bugs in the App Store that may cause it not to work correctly.

There are several solutions that users can try to fix the App Store not working issue. Here are some of the most effective ones:

1. Restart the device: Sometimes, a restart of the device may help to resolve the problem.

2. Check the Network Connection: Ensure that the device has a stable internet connection since a poor connection can prevent the App Store from working.

3. Update the Device Operating System: The outdated iOS operating system can cause the App Store to malfunction, so updating to the latest version can fix this issue.

4. Turn off the restrictions settings: Go to “Settings” on the iPhone and disable the restriction settings. This will enable the user to download apps that they were previously restricted from downloading.

5. Reset the device: This can be done by going to “Settings,” then “general”, “Reset”, and then selecting “Reset all Settings.”

When the App Store isn’t working, it can be a nightmare for users who require new apps or updates. By following the solutions mentioned above, users can hopefully fix the problem and start using the App Store without any errors. If none of the solutions work, users can contact Apple support for further assistance.

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