[Solved] solaredge app not showing consumption


The rise in popularity of solar power has sparked a huge demand for technology that lets homeowners track their energy production and consumption. Many consumers rely on the Solaredge app to monitor their energy usage, but some have experienced issues where the app fails to show their consumption data.

Possible Reasons:

There are a variety of possible reasons why consumption data might not be showing up on the Solaredge app. One of the most common reasons is a problem with the individual hardware or software components that support the app. Another possible cause could be related to connectivity issues, whether it be with the app itself or the user’s internet connection. Lastly, data might not be getting recorded from one or more of the sensors in the solar panels due to low light conditions or malfunctioning equipment.


There are a few steps that users can take to troubleshoot the app and remedy the problem. The first thing to try is restarting the app or the device it is installed on. Failing that, users should ensure that their hardware is up to date and in proper working order. If the hardware checks out, checking the internet connection is the next step to take, as a weak or unstable signal could be causing the app to malfunction. Finally, if broader problems persist, it may be necessary to utilize customer support or seek the services of a professional technician.


The Solaredge app can be a valuable tool for those looking to monitor their energy consumption and production. However, there are many possible causes for the app to stop showing consumption data, ranging from hardware malfunctions to internet connectivity to problems with the solar panels themselves. By taking the steps outlined above, users can get back in control of their energy usage and make the most of their solar power systems.

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