[Solved] youtube app not showing 4k option


YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms in the world. It provides a range of features to users, including streaming videos in 4K resolution. However, sometimes the YouTube app does not show the 4K option. This issue has been reported by many users worldwide. In this article, we will discuss all possible reasons why the YouTube app is not showing the 4K option and how to fix it.

Possible Reasons:

There are several possible reasons why the YouTube app is not showing the 4K option. Some of them are listed below:

1. Outdated App Version: Sometimes an outdated version of the YouTube app may cause this issue.

2. Slow Internet Speed: A slow internet connection may result in the app not showing the 4K option.

3. Device Compatibility: Some devices may not support 4K resolution.

4. Malfunctioning YouTube App: A malfunctioning YouTube app can also cause the 4K option from being displayed.


Here are the possible solutions that can help you fix the issue:

1. Check for Updates: Ensure that you have the latest YouTube app version on your device. If not, update the app to the latest version.

2. Internet Speed: Check your internet speed, and if it is slow, you may want to switch to a faster network or close any bandwidth-intensive apps running in the background.

3. Device Compatibility: Ensure that your device supports 4K resolution. If not, you cannot see the 4K option even if itÂ’s available.

4. Clear Cache and Data: Clear your cache and data from the YouTube app to resolve any technical issues that affect its performance.


When the YouTube app doesn’t show the 4K option, it can be frustrating, especially if you love watching videos at the highest resolution. Fortunately, this issue has different possible solutions, and in most cases, it is possible to fix it without seeking professional help. Do not hesitate to check the reasons and the possible solutions we have listed in this article. We hope they will help you to resolve the issue and enjoy videos in 4K resolution.

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