Start a Career in Design With NID Coaching in Kolkata

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, NID is India’s first and most prominent institution dedicated to project education.

By Act of Parliament, NID is designated as an “Institution of National Importance,” the most well-known and well-protected architectural institution. It offers a 4-year Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) curriculum in eight domains and a 19-domain Master of Design (M.Des.) program. As a result, NID is an excellent choice for those interested in careers in design, fashion, architecture, and art.

The OPUS Way provides online and classroom NID training for all B.Des and M.Des NID courses. We provide architectural expertise, functionality, drawing, management skills, lateral thinking, analysis, idea execution, resource generation, mock test, and PowerPoint presentation. Our team at The OPUS Way offers the finest NID Coaching in Kolkata, India.

Our unique teaching approach and reference papers provided as study materials in our training center are almost comparable to question papers from prior years’ entrance exams. Our design and questioning coaching style are tailored to the themes included in the entrance exams, resulting in high-quality architectural design and training.

What Makes Us the Best

At OPUS we provide affordable NID, NATA, CEED, UCEED, NIFT, and other design-related entrance exam preparation lessons. We’ve assembled a team of professionals to provide the finest services to our students so that they can ace their examinations.


We provide a LIVE Online Classroom Course at The OPUS Way, which includes LIVE Online Lectures by NID, NIFT, and IIT Alumni Specialists, Access to Video Captured Lessons (24 hours a day), and Written and PDF Research Materials. Tests in the form of real papers are also available on our internet page.

Coaching in the Classroom

The OPUS Way provides students with a variety of classroom coaching options to fit their daily academic agendas. The whole course comprises all stages of the Concept Entrance Test in both our regular and crash programs. (Includes Design Aptitude exam, General Skill test, Workshop test, interview, and portfolio planning.) We also provide over 50 complete mock examinations for our students to take in order to assist them to prepare for the exam. Our knowledgeable staff facilitates conversations and professional analysis of sketches and drawings, as well as daily assignments, to guarantee that our students grasp all ideas.

Online Coaching / Study Materials

We provide an online coaching curriculum and self-study materials for architecture students who are unable to enroll in The OPUS Way courses. After a comprehensive assessment of NID, NIFT, UCEED, and other architectural institutions’ tests, NID, NIFT, and IIT Alumni develop the contents. The goods are updated to reflect current research trends, and there are approximately 5000 questions to answer.

The concept entrance coaching programs that we give are ideal for kids in grades X to XII and college who are preparing for the NID admission examinations.

So, if you want to ace your NID admission exam and take the first step toward a great architectural career, schedule an appointment with us at The OPUS Way now.

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