[Solved] when app not installed

As fitness enthusiasts, obtaining heart rate readings is crucial in monitoring our fitness progress. One tool that many use for this purpose is the Garmin app. However, it can be frustrating when the app is not able to display heart rates accurately or not at all. This article discusses the possible reasons behind the Garmin app not showing heart rate, and offers solutions to resolve the issue.

Possible reasons for Garmin app not showing heart rate:

1. Bluetooth connection issues: The Garmin app relies on a stable Bluetooth connection with your fitness tracker to obtain heart rate data. If there is interference or a weak connection, the app may not be able to display the data.

2. Faulty sensors: The heart rate monitor integrated with the fitness tracker may have malfunctioned, preventing the Garmin app from displaying the readings.

3. Software glitches: Sometimes, the Garmin app may not show heart rate due to a software issue or bug.

Solutions to resolve the issue:

1. Check Bluetooth connection: Ensure that your fitness tracker and smartphone are in close proximity and that there are no other devices or objects that could cause interference. Try restarting both devices and see if the Bluetooth connection stabilizes.

2. Clean the sensors: If the heart rate monitor is dirty or covered in sweat residue or lotion, it could cause inaccurate readings. Clean the sensors thoroughly and ensure that they are entirely dry before reattaching the fitness tracker.

3. Update the app: Check for any updates to the Garmin app and ensure that it is running on the latest version. If the app is outdated, it could cause software glitches, including the inability to display heart rate data.

4. Contact Garmin support: If none of the above solutions work, it may be time to seek assistance from Garmin support. They can troubleshoot your device and provide specific guidance on rectifying the issue.


In conclusion, the Garmin app not showing heart rate can be frustrating, but there are many possible reasons behind the issue, and several solutions to rectify it. With some simple troubleshooting steps or assistance from Garmin support, the problem can usually be fixed swiftly. More often than not, it’s just a matter of ensuring you have a stable Bluetooth connection and clean heart rate sensors. With these solutions, you should be back to monitoring your heart rate data in no time.

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