In your opinion, in which continent is the most profitable touristic country in the world in the tourism industry? Which country is the most profitable tourist country in the world? Join us to introduce these countries to you in the order of their highest income.

The tourism industry is expanding and developing day by day. This is an important point that the United Nations World Tourism Organization published in 2018.

This report, in an overview of international tourism in 2017, announced a 7% increase in the arrival of foreign tourists compared to 2016. This figure is the highest annual increase in tourist arrivals since the economic crisis in 2009 and 2010.

In this report, in addition to the number of foreign tourists entering each country, the annual income of each of these countries from the tourism industry is also mentioned. International tourism contributes 1340 billion US dollars to the global economy.

Most of the income from the international tourism industry goes to Europe. This continent has received 39% of tourism profits. Of course, Europe’s share of this profit is not surprising because 52% of the number of foreign tourists travel to this continent.

However, the continent of Asia and the Pacific has accounted for 24% of the number of foreign tourists and 29% of the profits of international tourism have been given to this continent. In 2017, the American continent hosted 16% of the number of international tourists, which accounted for 24% of the international tourism profits.


The most profitable tourist countries in the tourism industry

Despite the fact that the  United States ranks third in the list of countries that host the largest number of tourists, it earns the most income from this industry among countries. In 2017, this figure was estimated at 211 billion US dollars, which shows that the US earns 2739 US dollars from each foreign tourist.

In second place on this list is  Spain. This country earns 68 billion dollars from the arrival of tourists. This figure shows that Spain’s income from each of the 82 million foreign tourists who travel to this country is 831 dollars.

France received 5 million more tourists than Spain, yet generated less revenue than Spain. France’s income from international tourism was 61 billion US dollars and 8 billion dollars less than Spain’s. This country earns $698 from each tourist.

US income is calculated based on the length of time foreign tourists spend in the country, while tourists who travel to France and Spain are mostly tourists from Western Europe who travel to these two countries for a weekend.

It is interesting to note that  Canada earns much less per tourist than the United States. Canada earns $977 from each of the 20 million tourists who visit the country.

European winners in the list of the most profitable tourist countries

Britain hosts less than half the number of tourists that France and Spain receive. But tourists who travel to the UK spend twice as much in the UK as they do in France. Each tourist spends US$1,360 in the UK. This amount is similar to the average cost of any tourist in Iceland.

Despite the fact that the average length of stay of foreign tourists in Iceland is shorter than in the UK, the cost of travel, food, and accommodation in Iceland is much higher.

In 2017, Luxembourg’s income per tourist was higher than other European countries and was around 4322 US dollars. The number of tourists who travel to Luxembourg is much less than in other European countries.

Every year, only 1.5 million foreign tourists travel to this small country, but Luxembourg’s income from the tourism industry is a great income; Because for each of the 580,000 people of this country, 7800 US dollars will be earned.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for a cheap trip to Europe, Turkey is the place to go. This country, which ranks 8th in the list of the most visited tourist countries, earns 597 US dollars per tourist.

According to the statistics of the United Nations World Tourism Organization,  Eastern Europe and Central Europe have been among the parts of Europe where tourists spent the least. These countries include the Czech Republic, Poland,  Hungary, and the Russian Federation. In these areas, the average spending per tourist was 447 US dollars.

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Asian tigers in the list of the most profitable tourist countries

In Southeast Asia,  Thailand is the most popular Asian country for international tourists with 35 million foreign tourists in 2017. On average, this country has a higher income per tourist than other countries in the region. Thailand earned 1,624 US dollars per tourist.

Singapore, which is considered an expensive country for tourists, earns an average of US$1,417 per tourist. Of course, the average length of stay of tourists in Singapore is shorter than in Thailand. Laos ranks lower than other countries in the region and earns US$198 per tourist.

Vietnam, the neighboring country of Laos, has gained a good rank among neighboring countries in terms of increasing the number of tourists. In 2017, each tourist spent an average of 685 US dollars in this country.

Among the Northeast Asian countries,  China has hosted the largest number of tourists. In 2017, almost 33 million foreign tourists visited this country. However, each tourist spent an average of 536 US dollars in this country.

Despite the fact that the number of tourists who visited Japan is much less than that of China, the country earned US$2 billion more than China. Every tourist who traveled to Japan spent an average of 1186 US dollars in this country.

Hong Kong has 1 million fewer tourists than China, but the average spending per tourist in Hong Kong was US$1,194.

What is Australia’s position in the list of the most profitable tourist countries?

In 2017, Australia earned the most revenue from the tourism industry. The average cost of each of the 8.8 million tourists who traveled to Australia was 4734 US dollars. This figure is more than the income of  Liechtenstein, America, and the United Arab Emirates.

Despite the fact that it costs the same to travel to New Zealand as it does to Australia, New Zealand earned US$2,893 per foreign tourist in the same year. The reason for this is the shorter stay of tourists in New Zealand.

List of the most profitable countries in the world in the tourism industry

  • United States of America: $299 billion
  • America, Spain: 96 billion dollars
  • France: 86 billion dollars
  • Thailand: 81 billion dollars
  • United Kingdom: 72 billion dollars
  • Italy: 62 billion dollars
  • Australia: $59 billion
  • Germany: 57 billion dollars
  • Macau (China): 51 billion dollars
  • Japan: 48 billion dollars

Now we introduce the most tourist-friendly countries in the world

Do you know that these two issues are separate from each other, how much income is brought into the country from the number of tourist arrivals in that country?

Indicators for measuring the tourism potential of countries

The World Economic Forum’s 2017 Tourism and Travel Competitiveness Report categorized 136 countries into 14 columns and provided a comprehensive picture of the world’s best tourist destinations. 

In one of these columns, countries are ranked based on the infrastructure of tourist services, which shows the capacity of countries to host a large number of tourists, as well as the ability of an excellent host. 

This index includes the number of hotels per person, the quality of tourist infrastructure, the existence of car rental companies, and even the number of ATMs per adult.

It should be noted that the ranking of countries for the infrastructure of tourist services is separate from their ranking for their reception of tourists. In the definition of this index, it is possible to refer to the requirements of obtaining a visa, as well as bilateral air and commercial agreements. 

This report also mentions the prioritization of travel and tourism by countries, which has ranked the strategies of tourism organizations and the importance of governments to the tourism sector.

In the following article, Kasdek mentions 24 of the 15 countries that have taken first to fifteenth place in this list in 2017. Countries that have the best infrastructure for tourist services are more prepared to accept tourists from all over the world.

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Austria is considered the most tourist-friendly country in the world in 2017 by receiving high scores in almost all indicators. In addition to having all seven important car rental companies, this European country ranks third in terms of the quality of tourist infrastructure and fifth in terms of the number of hotel rooms per person.

One of the reasons for this is the role that tourism plays in Austria’s GDP; Something around 9 percent. You should also know that in 2007, this country earned more than 18 billion dollars by accepting tourists.


The infrastructure of tourism services in Spain ranks second in the world. In terms of the quality of tourism infrastructure, Spain has taken the fourth place and the number of hotel rooms per person has taken the ninth place. 

This country also achieved first place in the global survey of the competitiveness of tourism and travel. This means that Spain is the best country to spend a vacation in. Tourism in Spain, like Austria, has an important contribution to the country’s GDP. According to statistics, between 10 and 11 percent of this amount enters the Spanish economy through tourists.

United States of America

The United States of America is the third most tourist-friendly country in the world. The ease of access to ATMs per person is very high and the quality of tourist infrastructure is also evaluated at a high level. In fact, America ranks fifth in the world in both of these indicators. 

New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, and San Francisco are among the main tourist attractions of this country. In addition, until 2004, more than 7 million people were working in tourism-related jobs in this country.