[Solved] why app not opening in iphone

With the ever-increasing dependability on our smartphones, it can be frustrating when an app that we frequently use suddenly stops opening on our iPhone. It’s natural to be perplexed as to why this might be occurring, but fortunately, there are several potential reasons as well as solutions to this issue.

Possible reasons:

1. Outdated Software: Often times, apps may require the newest version of an operating system to run efficiently. Check if your phone has the most recent iOS update installed.
2. App Corruption: App data can sometimes become corrupted, leading to malfunctions or app crashes.
3. Hardware Issues: Physical damage or wear and tear to your iPhone hardware could lead to apps malfunctioning.
4. Network Connection Problems: Slow or interrupted internet connection may hinder apps from opening or working efficiently.
5. Low Storage Space: A phone with low storage space might not be able to run an app. It is vital to ensure enough memory available on the phone.


1. Check and update your software version.
2. Force-stop the app and then uninstall and reinstall it.
3. Restart your iPhone.
4. Delete the app’s cache data.
5. Check the network connection and ensure it’s stable.
6. Ensure your phone has adequate storage space.


There can be numerous reasons why an app may not be opening on your iPhone- from outdated software to network connection problems. However, by applying the solutions mentioned above, most of the issues can be dealt with. Try these steps one by one and enjoy the smooth functioning of your apps once again.

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