[Solved] why are apps not updating on my phone

In today’s world, we are all dependent on technology, from our smartphones to our laptops we rely on apps to help us get through our daily lives. But what happens when an app does not work? It can be frustrating, time-consuming, and can even halt our productivity. In this blog post, we will explore all the possible reasons for why an app might not work, and the solutions to solve them.

Possible Reasons:

1. App Updates: There are times when an app does not work due to updates that have not been installed. It could be that the app requires an updated version of the operating system, or it may require an update to fix any bugs.

2. Network Issues: Sometimes, the app might not work due to network issues, slow or unstable internet connection can prevent an app from functioning.

3. Compatibility Problems: Compatibility issues can arise when an app is trying to run on a device that does not meet the minimum requirements of the app.

4. Storage Issues: If the device does not have enough storage space, the app will not work, and it may even lead to crashing.


1. Update the App: The first step when an app is not working is to check if there is an update available. Updating an app can fix any bugs and add new functionality to the app.

2. Check Network Connection: Always make sure you have a stable internet connection, try connecting to a different wifi network or try using cellular data.

3. Verify Compatibility: Check the compatibility of the app with your device. If the app does not meet the minimum requirement of your device, it will not work, and it’s time to switch to a compatible app.

4. Clear Storage Space: If the app is not working due to storage space, try clearing up some storage space by deleting unnecessary files, photos or videos.


In conclusion, when an app is not working, it can be frustrating, but the solution to the problem is not always difficult. Updating the app, checking network connections, verifying compatibility, and clearing storage space can all contribute to a solution. Therefore, it’s important to keep these solutions in mind when an app does not work to avoid further frustration and disruptions in productivity.

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