[Solved] app not showing up on home screen

The home screen on our smartphones has become a hub for all our app activities. From calling and messaging to social media and entertainment, everything can be accessed from the home screen. But what happens when an app doesn’t show up on your home screen? It can be frustrating, especially when you need it urgently. This article will discuss some possible reasons why this happens and how to fix it.

Possible reasons:

1. App not installed- The most common reason an app is not showing up on the home screen is that it is not installed on the device. Check the app store or play store and ensure the app is installed on your device.

2. Hidden apps- Sometimes, we accidentally hide apps, and they don’t show up on the home screen. Check if the app is hidden in the app drawer and remove it from the hidden list.

3. Disabled apps- If you have disabled an app, it will not show up on the home screen. Go to the settings and enable the app to make it visible.

4. App permissions- If you have denied an app permission to access your device’s features like location, camera, or microphone, it may not show up on the home screen. Go to app settings and check if you have granted all the required permissions.


1. Check the app drawer- If the app is not visible on the home screen, check the app drawer, and drag the icon to the home screen.

2. Restart the device- Sometimes, a simple restart can solve the issue. Restart your device and check if the app is visible on the home screen.

3. Clear cache- Clearing cache can be helpful if the app is not functioning correctly. Go to app settings and clear the app cache.

4. Update the app- If your app is not showing up on the home screen, it may be an outdated version. Check for updates in the app store and install the latest version.


The home screen is a critical aspect of our smartphone experience, and it can be frustrating when an app does not show up. However, by following the possible reasons and solutions mentioned above, you can fix the issue quickly. Remember to keep your device updated, and grant apps required permissions for optimal performance.

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