Jeremy Lee Marcus: How to press charges against someone? 

Jeremy Lee Marcus is a graduate of Harvard Law School and a known lawyer in Florida. Famous for his expertise and proficiency, he is an outstanding lawyer. According to him if a person committed a crime against someone then it becomes typical for a victim to press charges against the criminal. Filing criminal charges is a little more difficult than filing a civil suit.

Difference between criminal cases and civil cases

There is a basic difference between criminal cases and civil cases. In criminal cases, the prosecutor’s office files criminal charges against the accused. Here, it is up to the prosecutor whether or not to file a charge against the accused. In case of civil suits, you are free to file charges against a person who did wrong to you.

As per the opinion of Jeremy Lee Marcus, in criminal cases, it is the police who initiate the case. Police must include all the necessary information regarding the crime and the one who is accused.

After the police report is created, police will do a thorough investigation to collect as much evidence as they are able to. If the police are able to collect strong evidence or a witness of the crime against the accused, then police have strong grounds for an arrest warrant. However, sometimes police have definite reasons to arrest an accused without a warrant.

Here victims are not able to file criminal charges by themselves. In criminal cases, the role of police and prosecutor becomes more important because both work together to make a strong case against the suspect. A prosecutor will do everything to make a strong case against the suspect.  Without proper evidence, there may not be a strong case for the trial of the suspect.

Under certain circumstances, a prosecutor may file a case against a suspect even when a victim decides not to press charges. In this scenario, the victim is served with a subpoena to be needed to present before the court. If the victim denies appearing it is considered contempt of court or the victim can be arrested.

Looking for a Laywer?

If you are looking for a competent criminal lawyer then Jeremy Lee Marcus is the name. Jeremy Lee Marcus has a decade of experience serving several clients with different criminal charges and his success rate is above 90%. If you have any queries regarding criminal charges against you or about testifying against an accused, he will definitely help you and serve you with the best professional advice.

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