loading2You already know about Google and Amazon if you’re an entrepreneur or seller. While Amazon is the biggest ecommerce and search engine itself, Google is the biggest search engine, and reasonably there are differences between their optimization process.

But, how is amazon SEO different from Google SEO? Here in this article, you will learn about the top 3 differences between these SEOs.

So, let’s get started.

About Amazon

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce site in the world. Although it’s an ecommerce platform, it can also be utilized as a search engine. Most customers check whether they can find their desired product on Amazon. Therefore, sellers usually use this platform to list their products to get better conversions.

The search engine ranking for Amazon is very confined. However, it’s easy to rank the products using customer reviews and sales. And better website performance will result in a higher ranking. So essentially, Amazon SEO services include optimizing your website pages or product descriptions, visuals, etc.

Some factors that affect Amazon SEO are:

  • Conversion
  • Customer search
  • Ratings

Note that: You must follow the Amazon guidelines with reviews and conversions to have a good ranking.

About Google

Like Amazon, Google also focuses on keywords for better ranking.

But the factors seem to differ in Google algorithm, like:

  • Blog and website backlinks
  • CTR
  • Domain authority
  • Page speed.

Differences between Amazon SEO and Google SEO

Here are a few differences between the two giants concerning the search engine optimization process.

1.    Keywords

The basic difference between Google SEO and Amazon SEO is their keywords. Both of the keywords work differently.

In Google, when you want to rank a landing page or blog, you should follow a few categories, like:

  • Implement long-tail keywords to get more audience
  • Try to reuse the keyword several times
  • Include the keyword in the meta description, title, and subheadings
  • Optimize the pictures based on keywords.

On the other side, Amazon SEO works differently as ecommerce sites use short phrases for their product. Their keywords tend to be product-based which discusses features and benefits. It is very important to focus on keyword optimization. You should always use keywords that are relevant to your products.

In Amazon SEO, keyword research receives the utmost preference. You can find the keywords in the title of a gadget like cordless, speed boil, portable, etc. However, the keywords tend to be similar to custom searches. Many keyword research tools are online to get accurate or relevant keywords for Amazon.

2.    External Links

In Google SEO, external links work as driving factors. You will get more customers when you use good external links. In specific, good external links will help you get to the rank at the top in search engines.

In contrast, Amazon SEO barely uses backlinking. The more sales a product has, the higher it would rank. You should know that there’s no option to rank your products through external links. Hence, you should use different capacities.

In the recent Amazon algorithm, you can control product ranking using external links. Therefore, you can use Google SEO to write blogs. You can backlink the amazon products in these blogs to get a higher ranking.

Writing engaging and informative articles would encourage the readers to purchase. Eventually, your sales will grow along with your ranking.

There’s a positive side of Amazon SEO: to control your ranking through a landing page. But, sending direct traffic isn’t the best option.

Sometimes, the total views and total sales can affect your Amazon rating. Hence, you can use a landing page. Also, you can create a product landing page if you’re a registered seller.

3.    Optimization

The optimization process for Amazon and Google SEO tends to vary for the analytics and focus. Let’s get to know more about them.


Search engine Google has changed over the years by making its place in the digital marketing world. This search engine creates the best outcomes for the agencies. Additionally, it comes with different tools which you can use for website or blog traffic or insights.

In comparison, Amazon SEO doesn’t use different tools for insights and traffic. Here, it might not seem easy to get proper analytics. It’s obvious a seller would struggle without tools and analytics. But, Amazon SEO is frequently developing, so you can master it very easily.


You will find Amazon SEO focuses more on CTR and conversion. Whereas Google SEO only focuses on CTR.

Different users look for different things, so Google can’t track all landing pages. Therefore, it uses CTR to find organic ads and results.

In the case of Amazon SEO, their aim is direct and clear. It depends on whether customers purchase a product. Eventually, the ranking depends on specific factors like CTR, conversions, and positive reviews.

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Similarities between Amazon and Google

To the average person, Amazon and Google may appear identical on a large scale. Here are a few things that all of these people have in common.

The higher the sales/traffic, the higher the ranking.

While Amazon is more concerned with sales, Google is more concerned with traffic. However, the fundamental goal in both cases is to score high for relevant keywords.

Optimization that is systematic and ongoing

Regular optimization might help you enhance your Amazon and Google rankings. To achieve high rankings on these sites, you must adhere to best practices.

On-page SEO on Google includes optimizing the page title, headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.), meta description, URL, image, and image alt text. “Continue reading.”

As previously said, the ranking can be changed by regularly optimizing the listing or web pages. However, the optimization must be long-term, with modifications made by customer/user preferences.

There are two types of outcomes: paid and organic.

Amazon and Google both differentiate between paid and organic search results. The results are displayed via an auction mechanism. Both Google and Amazon rely heavily on advertising revenue. However, while advertising is the most lucrative source of revenue for Google, Amazon advertising is still in its early stages.

Google advertisements are more advanced than Amazon ads regarding ad targeting. Google AdWords is highly comprehensive, and targeting ads is simple. Amazon, on the other hand, is increasing its funnel marketing for sellers and vendors with sponsored display ads. There is a great deal of catching up to be done.

Final Verdict

By now, you should know “how is Amazon SEO different from Google SEO.” Though both SEOs are effective, you must determine your aims and purposes. However, you can also merge these to get the best results. Hence, you will have more visibility, listings, and traffic in your conversions and sales.

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